Here is a comparison of brexit Britain with EU Britain. Brought to you by Brexit ShitStorm Forecast.
brexit (in flames) EU
Things are going to get tough, and you may lose your job.
See why below.
As part of the EU we were one of the most prosperous nations on Earth, enjoying freedoms and privileges we will never regain out of it!
Rule of Law & Democracy
Unelected Prime Minister
Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to bypass our sovereign Parliament.
All the EU countries choose commissaries who propose EU laws.
They're like ministers. Are ministers directly elected? No.
These laws are voted - or not - by MEPs that we elect!
So in fact the EU is very democratic!
About 30 Tory MPs investigated for electoral fraud in the 2015 General elections that led to the referendum The EU imposes rules and checks on its member states and can provide remedial action via the ECJ.
Waste of money
MOD £700 million out of pocket because of low £
See also for perspective: Daily Mail: £120 BILLIONS wasted by Whitehall EVERY YEAR!
17 things the EU has done for Liverpool
19 things the EU has done for Wales
etc... etc... etc...

Also, when our EU tax money goes towards improvements in Romania this is selfless (it's nice to help people!) and selfish too: if we improve their economies, we can sell them our goods and they will need to emigrate less to find jobs. Think about it.

Companies like Nissan dictating their terms!
See: Telegraph Article
Daily mail: Leting Indian immigrants in for deals

We're now reduced to BEGGING!
Is that taking back control?!?!

Did the EU try to stop the referendum? NO.
Did we have a powerful & respected say in the running of 27 other countries? YES!
Once out of the EU, we'll have NO SAY WHATSOEVER. We got our way 2466 times and lost 56 times
£ down 20% - PRICES UP!
It started with Marmite...
Saves you €150 per person on Schengen visas every time you holiday in Spain, Prague or France!
And no, the EU is NOT wasteful, and yes, its accounts are signed off.
No more privacy?
Physical threats to opponents - Daily Mail
Politcal assassinations?
Pogroms - murder of innocent people based on a perceived difference?
WE set the European Court of Human Rights.
Patrick Stewart wonders what the ECHR has ever done for us
No more money from the government!
(because of the low £ and less tax income as business slows down)

Forget about the £350 MILLIONS!

The EU doesn't do anything specific for the NHS (apart from funding loads of science) but the NHS relies on thousands of EU trained staff critical to its operation!
Business and Jobs
We will have to negociate our own trade deals with every country in the World, including the EU.

It is illegal for us to seek trade deals while we're in the EU, which is going to be for at least to more years after we invoke article 50, and who knows when that's going to be.

Trade deals can take up to 10 years to negociate!

Depending on Donald Trump's mood, we may get a deal with the US although that's unlikely as Trump wants to impose high tariffs on imports.

Loads of businesses will relocate to the EU, leading to significant job losses. You could be affected.

The EU negociates many deals for us, and of course we can sell our stuff to the 27 other EU countries without any tariffs (import taxes). EU countries are rich countries it is profitable to do business with.
Freedom of movement
Hundreds of thoudands of pensionners may have to come back from France, Spain, Italy putting strain on our already stretched NHS.

Talking about the NHS, we may lose vital staff other countries paid to train.

Forget about jumping ship (as we did in the 70 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet') if the going gets tough - and it will - to other EU countries.

You - or your children - can go study, work an live in any of the other 27 EU countries.
True, that applies to EU citizens who can also come to study, work and live here in the UK.
However, these contribute more in taxes they pay than benefits they claim, they're less likely to be unemployed than us and no they neither take our jobs nor lower our wages.
See for yourself.

You also get free health care in any EU country when needed.

Tuition fees are usually much lower in the EU (€300 a year!!) and even France is now offering whole courses in English.